Jeffrey Platts


Hi, I’m Jeffrey.

My passion is based on one belief—every man that wants to can be in a relationship with a well-matched women, can.

But first, here’s a little about my story.

I wasn’t always who I am today. I was quiet. Shy. Nerdy. Introverted. Obsessed with He-Man and Pac Man. No clue how to talk to girls. Actually, I had no clue how to talk to ANYONE. My nights and weekends as a kid and teenager were spent alone in my room either doing homework, watching Who’s The Boss or dancing to Bobby Brown.

I would wonder, what is wrong with me?

Then when I was 16, I read a book.

It had sat on my parent’s coffee table for months and one day I just picked it up. Tony Robbins’ Awaken The Giant Within. That one book got me obsessed on what would become one of my guiding mantras:

If we choose to, we can transform ourselves.

After that summer, things started to change.
I became more outgoing.
I made new friends.
I got a little more swagger in my step.
I started to envision my life much differently.

But I still had a long way to go.

Right out of college, I dove right into the cubicle world, starting the first steps toward the typical Washington, DC career path.
I worked at foreign governments, arts non-profits, $40 million dollar tech startups, public relations companies.

Then women and relationships became my inspiration to dive even further into my personal growth journey. I started with the whole “pickup artist” phenomenon back in 2003, way before “The Game” book pushed it into the mainstream.

I did bootcamps, workshops, constantly going out to bars and clubs. Perfecting the classic opening lines.

But something always felt off. It wasn’t really my vibe.

So I deepened my study through dozens of workshops and trainings in personal development, communication, sexuality, masculine/feminine dynamics, money and spirituality. I’ve been influenced by a range of teachers and workshops including Authentic World/Integral Center, David Deida, Brené Brown,  Susan Campbell, Dr. Robert Glover, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Jerry & Esther Hicks, Byron Katie.  In 2011, I completed my five-month Circling facilitation training with Authentic World, one of the most powerful trainings of my life.

Over the past nine years, in addition to one-on-one VIP coaching, I have produced and led nearly 200 live workshops, day-long intensives on dating, relationships, sex and communication. I’ve also had the honor of serving as one of the lead facilitators at the Authentic Man Program (AMP), a life-changing course for men.

My work and writing have been featured in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, ABC News, The Good Men Project and Elephant Journal. I’ve got both Brazilian and US passports, love salsa (dance and condiment) and am a DJ,  yoga teacher and former amateur stand-up comedian. And I love spending time with my beautiful wife, Vanessa.

I only make room for a handful of clients a month to ensure that each client gets the very best support.

Let’s see if or how I can help you. Apply for a complimentary Coaching Interview here.