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As an initial skeptic on coaching, it has completely transformed my life after four months of working with Jeffrey…Leaving a marriage that had been unsatisfying for a long time, grinding on a job that I was constantly thinking of leaving, overweight and insecure, I was suddenly single, alone, unhappy, and with no idea of how to rebuild my life….After a little over three months of Jeffrey’s coaching I don’t feel like a new man. I AM a new man. My relationship with myself, my friends, my co-workers and with women has dramatically changed…I have never felt better in my life and I owe a lot of this to Jeffrey’s coaching.”

— George, Washington, DC
[Engaged eight months after working together, married two years later]



1:1 Coaching is the deepest level of support and guidance I offer. I only work with a handful of deeply committed clients at a time. (And coaching is done virtually. I support VIP clients around the globe.)

NOTE: I don’t charge “per session”. My coaching contracts are long-term. This coaching program is a significant investment and not for dabblers looking for a quick or easy fix. I work with hungry action takers who are ready to do the work and grow to create the life and relationship they want. If that’s you, then submit your application below.  All answers are confidential. You will receive an email reply within 48 hours outlining the next steps in moving forward.

I celebrate and respect your courage in taking the first step to creating the life you truly want.

– Jeffrey