Jeffrey Platts

Do You Feel Invisible To Women?

Written by on August 9, 2014

4 years ago, I got fed up with feeling invisible to women.

And I took action that would forever change my life.

For years, I’d immersed myself in the Pick-up Artist bootcamps, read the dating ebooks, memorized “The Cube” and other bar conversation gimmicks.

But it wasn’t me. In essence, I was saying “fuck you” to the natural, authentic me so I could try to morph into the stereotypical “alpha” guy that I thought I needed to be. But I didn’t know what else to do. To me, the choice was either become an “alpha player” or be alone.

I felt frustrated with myself. Jealous of the guys who had it “easy.” Confused about who I was. Angry at women for not seeing how great a guy I was.

There had to be a better way to get the life, love and sex that I wanted.

Then, after David Henry‘s recommendation, I had my first Authentic Man Program (AMP) experience. Eleven other men and I got no-bullshit feedback from world-class men and women coaches on how I was showing up. Three intense days of powerful brotherhood and tons of “holy shit, I never saw that about myself before!” moments.


All the things I wasn’t owning in myself. My anger. My power. My love. My shame. My turn on. My fear. My mojo. My awesomeness.

There was nothing wrong with me. And there never was. I simply needed to open myself to being really seen and becoming aware of how other men and women experienced me.

And I had a visceral experience of what was possible in creating sexy, real, vibrant connections with women. Without putting on a mask or fitting into some cookie-cutter mold of what a “real man” should be.

Just like taking the red pill in The Matrix, I saw things that I didn’t even know were on the menu. Or more accurately, I realized that *I* was the one creating the menu all along. And my current relationship is far beyond what I could have ever imagined four years ago.

Just like you can’t see your own eyeball. You can’t FULLY see yourself without honest, loving reflection from other people. People who really give a shit about you and are committed to you living the life and love you want.

That’s what AMP does.

And after diving into authentic relating, circling and continuing my personal growth work, I’m both stoked and honored to now be an AMP facilitator, continuing to serve and inspire men to live with more LOVE, FUN, POWER and IMPACT.


…of not knowing what to say on dates?
…of feeling anxious and scared of the women you’re most attracted to?
…of judging yourself for not having the social and dating life you want?
…of thinking there is something wrong with you, that you’re fucked up?
…of feeling lost and confused on what to do with your life?

This is your chance to move beyond all that.

For over 10 years, the Authentic Man Program has been helping single and married guys like you get reconnected to the strong, powerful men they already are. Let go of the bullshit beliefs about masculinity they picked up along the way.

The next course is on August 15/16/17. A total three-day immersion in the beautiful woods of North Carolina. And we have only a few spots left.

I believe that things show up in people’s lives for a reason. Maybe reading this post is exactly what you need. Anthony Robbins says that people make changes out of either inspiration or desperation. Sometimes both. Whatever the reason, if you feel that intuitive nudge, send me a message and let’s talk.

The menu of life that you’ve been choosing from can be much, much bigger. And more fulfilling. Whether it’s through AMP or something else, I hope you get to experience that truth.

Curious? Interested? Send me a message and let’s chat…

Jeffrey Platts is a men's coach and authentic communication expert who is passionate about helping men create amazing relationships with women. With over 20 years of personal study and transformational training, he has led nearly 200 workshops and retreats on personal growth, dating, and communication. Jeffrey's work and writing has been featured in the Huffington Post, Washington Post, ABC News, Authentic Man Program and the Good Men Project. He brings a rich toolbox of insights and experiences to his facilitation, integrating his adventures as DJ, amateur stand-up comedian, salsa dancer, yoga teacher and world traveler.