Jeffrey Platts


What clients are saying…

“Jeffrey is a cutting edge coach who is shining the light on authenticity and relationships. With a special interest in dating, Jeffrey desires that all of our human interactions be rooted in true presence. I feel the most refreshing breeze when I think about what he is bringing to the world.”
Dara McKinley,

Working with Jeffrey was one of the watershed moments in my personal growth journey…Jeffrey’s calm leadership style enabled me to find the ground under my feet and that’s when I realized I didn’t have to try to control a situation to be safe…Working with Jeffrey created major transformations in my personal relationships…If you have a secret (or not so secret) inner control freak, you need to work with Jeffrey and see how his special brand of magic works in your life.”
Angela Lauria, Washington, DC, The Author Incubator

“When I first started working with Jeffrey, I was in a rough spot after a breakup: low self-esteem, poor social life, and depressed. I hadn’t been very successful dating before so I was dreading getting back out there to meet women. Through Jeffrey’s coaching, I learned the skills to stop worrying so much, have fun on dates, and get over the baggage from relationships that went sour. Now, I’m enjoying dates and having fun, I have a vibrant social life, and feel empowered to make great connections with women. Making a change in your romantic life is hard to do by yourself. By working with Jeffrey, you gain a coach who can see your blind spots and though patterns that are holding you back, and give you the tools to break free.”
Andrew, Washington, DC, Tech Entrepreneur

“If you have been considering personal coaching for a while and still on the fence, I encourage you to read this testimonial. As an initial skeptic on coaching, it has completely transformed my life after four months of working with Jeffrey. I am writing this testimonial from a place of genuine gratitude to coaching, and to Jeffrey as a professional, engaging, and insightful coach.

Leaving a marriage that had been unsatisfying for a long time, grinding on a job that I was constantly thinking of leaving, overweight and insecure, I was suddenly single, alone, unhappy, and with no idea of how to rebuild my life. I considered going to therapy sessions, but I felt the need of something different. I had been to therapy before and it was a good way to talk through issues, but it rarely helped me in a practical way. I had heard of the concept of personal coaching before and was intrigued by the idea of trying it, but as a hardcore skeptic, I was on the fence. I decided to read everything I could, and consulted health professionals whom I trusted. What attracted me initially to coaching was the idea that it can be a transformational process with specific hands-on strategies and practices provided by the coach to help you identify and improve many areas in your life. This made more sense to me compared to the more traditional approach of going to therapy and talking through my problems.

I knew Jeffrey as an acquaintance, but he was recommended by a couple of close friends as a good coach, so I decided to give it a try and meet him. One thing that was very clear to me after that meeting, is that the success of a coaching program is not completely dependent on the coach; the person being coached has to be open, willing to change old habits and have humility to accept and act on change. Coaching is a fantastic tool, but if you are not willing to put the effort, don’t waste your time or your coach’s time. I thought about this for a few days and decided to dive in, so I signed up for three months of personal coaching with Jeffrey…As I started practicing these habits, I felt an inner strength that was dormant and started to come out. Jeffrey gave me lots of material to read and watch, and tools to help me become stronger and more confident. Over a period of a few weeks my friends started noticing that I was happier and more present.

After a little over three months of Jeffrey’s coaching I don’t feel like a new man. I AM a new man. My relationship with myself, my friends, my co-workers and with women has dramatically changed. The habits and practices I learned with Jeffrey transformed me from the ground up; I am more comfortable with myself both physically (lost a good amount of weight) and spiritually, and more clear and focused on my life mission. These changes are clearly perceived by my friends, the people I work with, and the women I date, and have boosted my self-confidence. I stopped watching TV for several hours a night, and starting using this time to work on myself, my habits, meet other people and learn about myself. I have rebuilt my friendships and focused on the people that are genuine and have a positive influence in my life; my friendships are more authentic and meaningful now. I have dated several women, confident and beautiful women, whom in the past I would have never got the balls to ask out. My dates have been fantastic, playful and intense, and I am on a solid path to finding that special someone to share my life with. I applied the same principles to transform my friendships and dating life to my work relationships, in particular with my boss and employees. I now enjoy a supportive boss, whom in the past micromanaged many aspects of my job, and now gives me laser-focused advice, dramatically increasing my productivity, my visibility in the company, my relationship with my peers, and my chances for a promotion. I have earned these changes through hard work taking advantage of the practical advice and knowledge that Jeffrey shared with me. I have never felt better in my life and I owe a lot of this to Jeffrey’s coaching. His honesty, professionalism, dedication and no-BS philosophy to coaching has made me a new man. You totally rock, Jeffrey!”

— George, Washington, DC [2 years later, happily married again]

“Signing up with Jeffrey was not my first attempt to get my dating life ‘handled.’ In the past, I’ve participated in seminars, purchased DVD courses, and read many books on how to improve results in my dating life. Jeffrey was, however, the difference that made the difference in helping me have a love life that is fulfilling—both in and between relationships. 

What worked for me with Jeffrey as my coach was his flexibility and availability in the types of support he provided. He took my call late one Saturday on a date that went completely wrong. He pushed me to grow and he held me accountable to my commitments…I finally—perhaps for the first time in my life—came away with a strong sense of “how I show up” to women romantically.

Jeffrey worked with me on multiple levels—hammering out the tactical implementation of effecting dating but also fostering a stronger sense of confidence and resiliency in the face of challenge and/or disappointment.

I wish I had begun with Jeffrey from the get go instead of using less expensive self-help programs that were not tailored at all to my particular needs. The massive gap between what I needed and what these other programs provided only became apparent after working with Jeffrey. Looking back, I may have come out financially ahead had I paid for the private coaching up front and not burned smaller amounts of money over ineffective programs for long periods of time.”
Stephen, Washington, DC

“I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day who was also one of your clients. I hadn’t seen her in a while and we reflected how much more confident and sure of herself she feels as a result. She may not have met Mr. Right yet, but what she’s experiencing now is the most important piece to her development. Thanks for doing the work that you do. Keep shining your light. The world needs you.
Jenny Sammons, Washington, DC

“My head buzzed for a week after my first circling experience, and I didn’t even get circled. If you’re like me, you’re accustomed to surface-level pleasantries from people, but you want more. Well, when you play earnestly in a circle, you get more, and though it isn’t necessarily pleasant, it’s powerful. For me, exposure to that much of other peoples’ experience was like accidentally putting my hand on a hot stove. The heat transforms you. And it isn’t that I learned anything in particular. Circling offers more than that. Like I said, my head buzzed for a week: I honestly felt like my brain was growing. Not just learning. Helping transform the way I understand myself and people and the world. I take in a dimension of experience that I just didn’t have access to before.”
James French, New York, NY

“The content you post really provide a level of encouragement for me personally to keep exploring, to keep digging around the edges and to keep asking questions about my own development. Your support during our calls really kick started something within me. And everything is unveiling itself at its own pace – I don’t feel rushed to “do it” all but instead “to be” with myself and more present to the journey. Asking how I want to feel while I explore all this. I don’t think this would have really happened if it weren’t for the regular calls, the tools you presented, and the opportunities to just connect with you, bro. Thank you.
Jonathan, London, UK (Now married.)

You reconnected me with the woman that I already was inside. This loving and honest connection that I now have with myself expanded my perception of what’s possible for me. Woo! And that completely shifted the way I relate to people in my friendships, family, romantic relationships and everyday interactions. Your teaching had this underlying message that I feel was magically weaved right into the fabric of my life because before then I have never felt more present and more beautiful being exactly who I am. I am a lucky girl to be me!”
Jenysha, Los Angeles, CA

“Going into this experience, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought I was a very open person but I realized that I’m really good at sharing surface information but did not like being vulnerable and letting people in. This has definitely impacted relationships in the past. Recognizing that truth, and others, has helped me start the process of developing new habits and mindsets. I am working to stop automatically putting myself in the friend zone and recognize, that yes, a guy could actually be interested in me. I appreciated Jeffrey’s frank and open nature during our calls. He was there to push and pull me in a supportive and nurturing manner. I highly recommend working with him but only if you are willing to put the work in. This isn’t an hour a week, it is a time consuming process; one that you get out as much as you put in.”
Melissa, Washington, DC

Jeffrey is such a neutral, yet passionate and dedicated facilitator. I have experienced facilitators who have strong, almost overbearing energy (albeit in their own judgement-free way) but Jeffrey always provokes inspiring thoughts with the most trusting finesse, it’s a skill I admire and respect to no end.”
— Lori Zelman, Alexandria, VA

“Working with Jeffrey is comfortable and reassuring. You know you are speaking with a supportive coach that is rooting for you to find someone fantastic. It’s a safe environment to really address the insecurities and misconceptions around dating. After my sessions with Jeffrey I feel an openness and excitement to dating because I have a better understanding of what I want and need in a partner. I would recommend Jeffrey’s services to others because he is present and thoughtful during the sessions, but also gives you the honest feedback and asks the questions you need to be able to have a clear perspective on what you want to get out of dating. Getting clarity on what I really want and need in my dating life is so freeing!”
Alexandra Anderson, Yoga/Fitness instructor, Washington, DC (Now married.)

“Jeffrey has a natural wisdom demonstrated by the insightful questions he poses and the ability to echo and reframe what participants communicate to ensure that their words are most helpful.”
— Doug Levine, Washington, DC

“Jeffrey creates a space of safety that allows people to relate to one another straight from the heart.”
– Julie Holly, Washington, DC

“Jeffrey keeps it real and is considerate of all who participate. He genuinely cares about people’s experiences and his range of life experiences and skills gives him an open mind from which to approach and lead Circling making it a comfortable space.”
— Neda Dowlatshahi, Washington, DC