Jeffrey Platts

You’re Going To Have To Start Doing The Work At Some Point

Written by on March 28, 2017

My dear brother, the sexy, well-matched woman you want to meet isn’t going to just show up at your bathroom door while you’re on the toiling swiping left and right on your dating app. 
You’re going to have to get out in the real world and talk to her face-to-face. 

And once you DO meet her, she isn’t going to stick around just because you’re a solid guy (which you are). 
Because at some point, the neurochemical high of new love and sex will wear off for the both of you. 

The relationship will start getting real. 



And yes, fights. 

But the good news is she is going to stick around (and you, too) because you’ve done the work (and CONTINUE to do the work) on yourself. 

And because you’ve learned effective mindsets, practices, and tools that help you connect with yourself, and also connect with her. 

(Because if she’s the kind of woman you want, she is doing the same work now, too.)

So knowing that truth, when are you going to get started? 

If it’s now, private message me and let’s chat to see how I might be able to help speed up the learning curve. 

No need to fumble around on your own. 

I’ve already made the mistakes and learned the lessons for you. 


Jeffrey Platts is a men's coach and authentic communication expert who is passionate about helping men create amazing relationships with women. With over 20 years of personal study and transformational training, he has led nearly 200 workshops and retreats on personal growth, dating, and communication. Jeffrey's work and writing has been featured in the Huffington Post, Washington Post, ABC News, Authentic Man Program and the Good Men Project. He brings a rich toolbox of insights and experiences to his facilitation, integrating his adventures as DJ, amateur stand-up comedian, salsa dancer, yoga teacher and world traveler.